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The Merchants of Spice Menu


Kasondi Ka Jhinga £5.95
Jumbo king prawn marinated in special herbs and cooked in clay oven. Served with salad. (D)

King Prawn Puri £5.95 – Prawns on Puri £4.50
Succulent prawns, swiftly cooked with aromatic herbs and spices, then served on crispy, deep fried puri bread. (G)

Chicken Kathi Rolls £4.50
Succulent pieces of chicken tikka, a tangle of onions, tomatoes and herb chutney, wrapped in paratha. (D)(G)

Garlic Jumbo Mushrooms £3.95
Sliced mushrooms dipped in garlic paste, coated with bread crumbs and deep fried. (G)

Vegetable Samosa OR Lamb Samosa £3.95
Triangular savoury filled with spiced mixed vegetables or minced lamb. (G)

Onion Bhaji £3.95
Spiced, sliced onions with gram flour rolled into round balls and deep fried. A firm favourite.

Dall Puri £3.95
Deep fried puri bread, filled with lentils and served with chick peas on top. A real taste of India. (G)

Paneer Tikka £5.50
Pieces of Indian cheese marinated then gently baked in the tandoori oven with capsicum pieces. (D)

Clay Oven

Tandoori chicken – Starter £3.95 / Main £8.95
Marinated chicken on the bone, cooked in tandoori and served on a sizzler with fried onions (D)

Chicken Tikka – Starter £3.95/ Main £7.95
Marinated chicken nicely spiced, cooked in tandoori and served on a sizzler with fried onions (D)

Lamb Tikka – Starter £3.95 / Main £7.95
Marinated lamb nicely spiced, cooked in tandoori and served on a sizzler with fried onions (D)

Fish Tikka – Starter £5.50 / Main £11.95
Marinated fish nicely spiced, then gently cooked in the clay oven (D)

Shish Kebab – Starter £5.50
Mince lamb with special herbs and spices, cooked on a skewer in tandoori and served on a sizzler with fried onions

Tandoori Mixed Platter – Main £11.95
A mixture of tandoori dishes sheekh kebab, lamb tikka, chicken tikka and tandoori chicken (D)

Shashlik (Chicken or Lamb) – Main £11.95
Lightly seasoned spicy chicken or fresh lamb cooked in tandoori and served with fried onions and capsicums (D)

King Prawn Shashlik – Main £14.95
Large, juicy Mediterranean Sea king prawns finely seasoned and barbecued to perfection (D)

Signature dishes

Pan Seared Sea Bass £12.95
Served on a plate of chef’s special sauce and garnished with pilau rice.

Beef of Bengal £12.95
Tender pieces of beef cooked in traditional medium spiced sauce and garnished with pilau rice.

Honey Mustard Duck £12.95
Succulent pieces of duck breast baked in tandoori and cooked with a special honey mustard sauce.

Lamb Shank Bhuna £14.95
A whole lamb shank cooked with garlic, ginger, fresh herbs and whole spices in a medium sauce

Special Exotica £14.95
A mixed combination of king prawns, prawns, chicken and lamb cooked with special herbs, green chillies, capsicums and tomatoes.

Seafood Cocktail £12.95
A blend of mixed seafood consisting of mussels, squid rings and prawns cooked with fresh onions, tomatoes, peppers, garlic and fresh herbs. Medium spicy dish.

Rabbit Bhuna £14.95
Tender pieces of rabbit slow cooked in fresh garlic, ginger, tomatoes, coriander and nicely spiced.

A Taste of India

Rustic dishes from the roadside ‘Dhaba’ cafés and bustling hillside train stations of the sub-continent.

Dhaba Chicken Curry £6.95
A popular roadside slightly hot, earthy dish of baby chicken thighs on the bone cooked in whole spices

Railway Lamb Curry £7.95
A rustic, slightly hot dish of tender lamb and baby potatoes cooked slowly in a ‘Handi’ using an authentic method. A staple dish at any hillside train station of India. (D)

Methi Chicken £8.95
A distinctly Indian aromatic dish, chicken cooked in delicious, earthy medium spice, flavoured with fresh fenugreek leaves.

Dhal Ghosh £7.95
A timeless classic medium spiced dish from Northern India, pieces of tender lamb, cooked with lentils, spices and fresh lime juice. (D)


Bay of Bengal £12.95
A traditional Bengali medium spiced seasonal fish curry cooked in a well-flavoured sauce with garlic, cumin, fresh herbs and coriander.

Prawn Dansak £7.95
A wonderful combination of prawns with ‘melt in your mouth’ lentils in a slightly hot, sweet and sour sauce.

King Prawn Bhuna £12.95
King prawns cooked with caramelised onions, garlic, tomatoes in a rich medium hot sauce.

Tandoori King Prawn Jalfrezi £14.95
King prawns marinated and baked in tandoori, then stir fried in a spicy hot sauce with green peppers, onions and fresh green chillies.


Chicken Tikka Massala £8.95
Marinated chicken cooked in flaming tandoori, then cooked in curry spices with almonds, coconut and fresh cream. (D)(N)

Chicken Korma £7.95
Perfect for beginners. A mild dish cooked in fresh cream, almonds and mild sauce. (D)(N)

Chicken Bhuna £7.95
Medium spiced, cooked with fresh garlic, ginger and coriander.

Green Goan Curry £8.95
Cooked with freshly pureed coriander and herbs, green peppers and fresh mint. (D)

Chicken Rezala £8.95
A creamy hot curry cooked in butter ghee, finely chopped garlic, onions and sliced fresh chillies. (D)

Parsi Chicken Dansak £7.95
A wonderful Bombay Parsi spicy, sweet and sour chicken curry in a slightly hot, rich sauce. (D)

Chicken Tikka Jalfrezi £8.95
A popular hill station spicy hot fry of chicken tikka, onions, green peppers and fresh green chillies in a rich spicy sauce.

Chicken Patia £7.95
Tender pieces of chicken in a delicious sweet and sour, hot sauce

Calcutta Naga Chicken £8.95
A fiery curry of marinated chicken and herbs in a rich sauce with the unique aroma and taste of Bengali Naga chilli.

Chicken Madras £7.95
Fairly hot and sour with pieces of tomatoes and spiced with fresh gravy.


Lamb Pasanda £8.95
A famous Mughal banqueting dish of tender lamb with a touch of garlic in a mild, rich and creamy almond sauce. (D)(N)

Lamb Karahi £8.95
From the northern frontier, an extra flavoured earthy, slightly hot dish. Served in a sizzling ‘Karahi’

Lamb Rogon Josh £7.95
A classic Northern Indian mild to medium spicy dish of lamb cooked with spices and tomatoes.

Lamb Dupiaza £7.95
Cooked in medium spices, coriander and generous portion of onions.

Lamb Achari £8.95
A traditional North Indian hot and sharp curry of tender lamb cooked in medium spice with tangy mixed pickles.

Lamb Sag Wala £7.95
Medium spiced, cooked in spinach with fresh ginger, garlic and green peppers.

Lamb Vindaloo £7.95
A famous British curry, very hot and spicy with pieces of potato.

Lamb Chilli Massala £7.95
Lamb cooked in a very, very hot blend of spices, onions and fresh chillies.

All chicken or lamb dishes above can be prepared as vegetarian options.


A speciality of Mughals, cooked in sealed vessels, trapping all the delicious aromas and flavours.

Chicken / Lamb


Chicken / Lamb Tikka

King Prawn

Vegetable Sides

Onion Bhaji £3.50

Mixed Diced Vegetable Curry £3.50

Bombay Aloo £3.50
Potato. (V)

Saag Aloo £3.50
Spinach and potato. (V)

Saag Bhaji £3.50
Spinach. (V)

Chaana Massala £3.50
Chickpeas. (V)

Tarka Dall £3.50
Lentils with garlic. (D)

Aloo Gobi £3.95
Potato and cauliflower. (V)

Mattar Paneer £3.95
Green peas and cheese. (D)(V)

Sag Paneer £3.95
Spinach and cheese. (D)(V)

Bindi Bhaji £3.95
Okra. (V)

Bringal Bhaji £3.95
Aubergine. (V)

Rice Selection

Boiled Rice £2.80

Pilau Rice £3.20

Mushroom Rice £3.60

Vegetable Rice £3.60

Special Fried Rice £3.60
Stir fried with egg and peas. (D)

Keema Rice £3.60
Stir fried with minced lamb. (D)

Fried Onion Rice £3.60

Garlic Rice £3.60

Coconut Rice £3.60

Naan Selection

Our naan bread is freshly prepared on-site and baked to order.

Plain Naan £2.60

Cheese Naan £2.95

Peshwari Naan£2.95

Garlic Naan £2.95

Kulcha Naan £2.95
Stuffed with massala vegetables. (G)(D)

Keema Naan £2.95
Stuffed with minced lamb. (G)(D)

Chilli Naan £2.95

Chapati £1.60

Paratha £2.60

Stuffed Paratha £2.80
Stuffed with massala vegetables. (G)

Roti £2.10


Papadum 70p

Spiced Papadum 80p

Pickle Tray 70p per head

Raita £1.50

Green Salad £1.95

Chips £3.50

Food allergies and intolerances: (D) Contains dairy (G) Contains Gluten (N) Contains nuts (V) Suitable for vegetarians. Acute allergy sufferers are requested to highlight their requirements.

Restaurant policy: A surcharge of £1 will be added per debit/credit card payment under the value of £30. We generally allocate a maximum of two hours time slot per table unless it is a group larger than eight guests. If you require more time, please notify us in advance. A discretionary service charge of 10% will be added for groups of eight guests or more.